If you’re going to Disney World be prepared to stand in line with everyone else no matter who you know. The park is changing it’s policy on letting the disabled go to the front of the lines.

Gene Duncan/Getty Images

The move is in response to all those people who hired the disabled to escort them around the park.

Disney announced that it will be changing its disabled-patron policy starting October 9. According to the A.P.,  What Disney will do …“Visitors will be issued tickets with a return time and a shorter wait similar to the FastPass system that’s offered to everyone.” (The FastPass system allows guests to pay significant fees to avoid long lines.) Disney resort spokesperson Suzi Brown described the new policy as similar to making a reservation at a restaurant and then arriving at a certain time.

Park officials consulted certain disability groups before making the announcement. “Disney reached out to us,” said Autism Speaks spokesperson Michael Rosen. “A large segment of our population with autism has sensory issues, so having patience to wait on noisy lines is a really hard thing. … We worked with [Disney] so they would make it as comfortable an experience as possible for our community.” Rosen urged parents with disabled children to exercise patience and see how the new rules unfold.

What do you think of the amusement park policies that let you pay to get to the front  of the line?