While discussing whether or not the Washington Redskins should change their name or not, Dennis and Judi decided that maybe if they can't control what happens to the Redskins they'll just start their own team instead.   One caller, while discussing Bob Costas and his comments about the Redskins called Costas a "Sanctimonious Twit." So Dennis and Judi loved the nickname so much, that they said they are going to start a football team and call them the "Sanctimonious Twits."

One of the biggest things any team needs is a really cool logo and Dennis and Judi said that they would use Bob Costas' face as the logo on the side of their helmet.

Leave it to Dennis and Judi's awesome listeners to take it even one step further. This was submitted by one of our listeners as the new look helmet of the recently named "sanctimonious twits" football franchise. You can view the new helmet below.

Listener Submission