When the Rangers won the Stanley Cup in 1994 after 54 years, you would have thought the world had stopped.  I remember being at my girl friends apartment , watching the finals on ESPN and before the puck was dropped with little over a second left, going out to my car so that I could hear Marv Albert say the words I’d longed for since childhood. “The Rangers win the Stanley Cup” Who will ever forget the parade down the Canyon of Heroes?  The New Jersey Devils won the Stanley Cup and held their parade in the parking lot. One thing we need to consider in New Jersey is now that we’re having championship teams like Giants and possibly the Devils, Can we please get a decent parade route?

But the other thing, as far as hockey goes, Where do you stand? Are you a Devils fan once the Rangers are out of it?  Are you a Rangers fan because you grew up in the city? Do you worship the red and blue because of your father, and his father and his father? Were the Devils your team because Dad didn’t want  to take you to the Garden on the weekend and it was more convenient to just go up the turnpike?  Or were you the young rebel who said “Screw the Rangers, I live in New Jersey and the Devils are my team! They have won 3 Stanley Cups , have they won your heart? As a New Jersey resident, do you feel you have to root for the Devils or can you let your inner Ranger fan out. Please take our poll..