Whether you're a Yankees fan or not, Derek Jeter makes it extremely hard to dislike him.

This video is a prime example of why the Yankees captain is a class act. Jeter, who announced this season will be his last, spotted a young girl in the stands during the Yankees/Astros game in Houston. Jeter spotted the fan, wearing his shirt and holding up a sign and was going to make sure she got the baseball he had in his hands. Not only did Jeter pick her out of the crowd but as announcer Michael Kay said "Derek Jeter is always in control."

An adult female in front of the little girl tries as hard as she possibly can to get the ball from the Captain but Jeter was having none of it. Jeter walked over held the ball and placed it right in the little girl's hands.

What a memory that will be for that young girl! She's definitely going to be a Jeter fan for life. Just make that reason number 1,001 why Derek Jeter will be missed when he retires after this season.