I was fortunate enough to be invited to my Italian cousins' wedding last week on The Amalfi Coast.  It' one of the most beautiful coastal resort areas in the world.  I went with my son, his girlfriend and my daughter.  We stayed a few days in Rome, an afternoon with a friend in Venafro (a small town in the tiny region of Molise) and a few days near my family in Salerno (just south of the Amalfi Coast).

Every time I visit I'm blown away by the beauty and charm of the country, filled with emotion spending time with my relatives, and thankful I have the opportunity to get to visit.  I used to think I would want to live there, but I'm too American and know my grandparents made their tremendous sacrifice to leave that beautiful place to give our family a better life here.  And here is where I belong. BUT when I'm there, it's like living in a dream, and dreams quickly come to an end.  Thankfully I took a few pictures to keep the memory of yet another amazing trip alive, in my camera at least.  Here are just a few shots.  Thanks for allowing me to share them with you.



Watch a man bounce a soccer ball on his head while we sat in traffic in Rome

Think it's bad driving in Jersey? This video will give you an idea of what it's like to drive in Italy.


Below is video footage from my cousin's wedding reception. The scenery is just absolutely breathtaking.