I recently went on a family trip to Italy. We toured some of my favorite parts of the country including Florence, Venice and villages in the Cinque Terre coast. There were so many beautiful sights and sounds that we put them all into one gathering for you to view. Take a trip to Italy with me and see some of the top 10 best sights and sounds from his vacation in the video clips below.

  • 1

    Via Dell'Amore

  • 2

    Vernazza, Italy

  • 3

    Riomaggiore, Italy

  • 4

    Monterosso al Mare, Italy

  • 5

    Manarola, Italy

  • 6

    A Market in Florence

  • 7

    Piazzale Michaelangelo, Florence

  • 8

    Piazza Santa Maria del Fiore

  • 9

    The sights of Italy

  • 10

    The sounds of Italy