As the job market tightens, employers are finding new ways to weed through potential candidates.

Employers are now asking out of the box questions to see how potential employees think on their feet.

Dennis and Michele (filling in for Judi) decided to ask the listeners what the strangest questions they were asked on an interview. Some of them were pretty priceless. You'd be surprised that an employer would ask some of these questions. Some of the questions they heard were just hysterical.

Dennis and Michele gave props to anyone who was asked these oddball questions and not crack up laughing in the middle of their interview.

Here are some of the questions that the callers were asked on interviews.

- "Which Saved By the Bell character are you?"

- "If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?"

- One female caller was asked if she had a boyfriend

- From a contractor "Can you build saw horses out of lumber?"

- "Do you play softball?"

- "Do you plan to get pregnant?"

- Interviewer in a trench coat "Who do I look like?"

Keep the list going, let us hear what weird questions you were asked by commenting below.