Lavish and fanciful weddings are in vogue, but sometimes they get a little out of hand!

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Weddings are supposed to be traditional, with white gowns and tiered cakes, right? Well, not according to everyone. Suzanne Baucom, also known as "Double Tuf Oreo" from her Garden State Rollergirls persona, said "I do" right at her roller derby rink, according to

This made Judi curious about the craziest weddings people have been to. Needless to say, our listeners have been to some pretty wacky weddings! Here's a list of what our listeners came up with:


Bill from Berkeley Township went to a Disney-themed wedding with everyone in costume.

Tony from Brick attended a post-apocalyptic-themed wedding.

Jim from Point Pleasant catered for a Halloween-themed wedding with dark lighting and emo music.

Justin from New Hope, PA, convinced his wife to have a Renaissance-themed wedding since he's a professional jouster.

Anita from Princeton said "I do" at the Cincinnati Reds ballpark before one of the games.

Lee from Burlington got married at the Mt. Holly BBQ and Blues festival in front of thousands of strangers.

Mary from Jamesburg's son had a wedding on a pirate ship in Florida.

Bruce from Oakhurst organized a wedding for his friend in a plane hangar.


What's the craziest wedding you've been to? Let us know in the comments below!