Once again NJ101.5 is asking listeners to share the holiday spirit with families who are victims of domestic violence and living in transitional housing shelters.

Gift cards are always welcome and businesses and organizations are encourages to participate. You can also purchase items off our Family Adoption wishlist on Amazon.com, as well. You can call the family adoption hotline at (609) 359-5353 or you can complete this quick form. our promotions department will reach out to you.

Here are the families that were highlighted on the show today:

Male 23 yrs old- Wishes for a Visa gift card and clothes (Top: L Pants: 10/11)
Girl (1½ yrs old)- Wishes for a gift card, a leapfrog learning pod, and clothes (Top/Pants: 18-24 months)

Female 50 yrs old- Wishes for Kohl’s gift card and clothes (Top: M; 6/8 Pants: M; petite 6/8 Shoe: 6.5 W)
Boy 17 yrs old- Wishes for a Barnes and Noble gift card and clothes (Top: Small; size 12 Pants: S; 28 Shoe: Adult 12)
Girl 16 yrs old- Wishes for a Target gift card and clothes ( Top: M; 8/10 Pants: M; 8/10 Shoe: Adult 7)

Female 38 yrs old- Wishes for a Kohl’s gift card, a coat, and clothes (Top: M; size 10 Pants: M; size 9 Shoe: size 7)
Boy 16 yrs old- Wishes for a pair of headphones, a Best Buy gift card, and clothes (Top: M; size 10 Pants: M; size 32 Shoe: size 9.5)
Boy 15 yrs old- Wishes for a soccer ball and clothes (Top: L; size 12 Pants: L; 34 or 32 Shoe: Adult size 9.5
Boy 11 yrs old- Wishes for Barns & Noble gift card, and clothes (Top: S; size 12 Pants: S; size 16 Shoe: kids size 7.5

Family Adoption Form