A pair of lawmakers from Pennsylvania has joined with a New Jersey senator to unveil sweeping and comprehensive legislation to reform the Delaware River Port Authority.

Walt Whitman Bridge (Photo courtesy of Delaware River Port Authority via drpa.org)

A key component to the reforms would restrict DRPA board member, officer and employee perks by barring vehicle allowances, toll exemptions and lump-sum expense allowances. The acceptance of any gifts that could impact the conduct of DRPA business would also be banned and so would the hiring of immediate family members of current commissioners, officers, directors or employees.

“People have long been at the breaking point with the DRPA and are demanding better transparency and accountability,” said New Jersey State Sen. Joe Pennacchio (R-Pine Brook) in an emailed press release Thursday. “The DRPA must use the people’s money to provide the best possible transportation via its regional railway and four bridges. They are not an ATM to be used for outside development. This legislation is a wakeup call to the DRPA: Representatives in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania will not tolerate any more abuses.”

The New Jersey version of the legislation can be found here.

Senator John Rafferty and Representative Mike Vereb are the Pennsylvania sponsors of the reforms.