We always thought the debate in the Garden State was where the dividing line between north, south and even the central part of the states were. Some NJ residents have even gauged what part of the state you're from depending on whether you call a sandwich a "sub" or a "hoagie." One Rutgers student took the map of NJ to a whole new level.    Joe Steinfeld redrew the map of New Jersey, using many of the state’s stereotypes in his color-coded guide. The map, which the Rutgers graduate posted online on the social media platform Reddit, went viral within 24 hours, and has circulated through blogs, Facebook and Twitter.

The light hearted, tongue-in-cheek map just pokes fun at all the stereotypes every area in NJ, that, if you grew up here, you heard at one point or another.

You can view the map below and have a laugh at Steinfeld's creative mapping.

Joe Steinfeld/Courtesy of Facebook