Smile! I'm "lurking" with my trusty camera!

Writing articles for has gotten me back into the practice of having a camera with me at all times...paying attention to the world around me, and saving it all to share with you!

This is not new. "Back in the day," I was an award-winning photographer.  But, I found that as I got more and more involved in radio, I had less and less time for photography. Eventually, taking pictures took a backseat.

Of course, when I was in high school, when you took pictures, it took time to develop the negatives, dry them...print pictures, and dry them. And, thats if you were shooting in black & white. If you were shooting color pictures, you either went to a "photo hut," or dropped your film in an envelope and walked out to the mailbox. In either case, it took a few days before you had your glossy color prints. Nowadays, with digital cameras, its instant gratification...and if you don't like a picture, no waste...just delete it!

So, home or away, I'm once again on the lookout for intetesting pictures: A slice of everyday life, the world around me.  Documentary style pictures. Amusing or ironic stuff.  Its all fair game!

Lots of Fun with Photos! And, always more to come!

And, did I mention that writing articles here at has also helped to keep my writing skills sharp?!

OK....back to "reality." I've got a radio show to do!

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