I could not wait to get home!

I ran all the way from the bus door to my front door.  I couldn't wait to show my mother the picture that I had drawn (and colored) at school, that day before Thanksgiving!  You see, I was the oldest child, so everything I did at school was exciting and new.  At least that's the way it felt to a 5-year-old.

I proudly showed my mother the Thanksgiving turkey that I had made by tracing my hand with a crayola crayon.  The "turkey" was drawn on the heavy, yellow-tinted construction paper that elementary school was so well-known for...but in my mom's  eyes, it was a masterpiece painted on fine canvas.

My handmade masterpiece, made from the outline of my hand, was immediately hung with care on the refrigerator, for my younger sisters and my father to see.

Thanksgiving morning, we all piled in the station wagon for the 2 hour drive to my Aunt and Uncle's place in Philadelphia, as was the family custom.  It was quite the feast, made sweeter for me, as I had fine artwork to share!

Fast forward to now...

All of this comes full-circle for me, as I watch my second cousin, 7 year old Kya, "decorate" her turkey drawing for school!

Kya creating a masterpiece. (Craig Allen photo)

Her turkey got googly eyes, and glued on feathers. As you can see, the body is being covered in glued on...Cheerios!

Times may change...but tradition lives on!

Happy Thanksgiving, New Jersey!