It could cost more to get married in New Jersey under a bill that's on it's way to the Assembly. The measure also eliminates the current 72-hour waiting period for the issuance of a marriage or civil union license after an application is made.

Currently, the cost for a marriage or civil union license in New Jersey is $28.  That price tag would go up to $60 under the measure. The difference would go to help domestic violence victims.

"The bill provides New Jersey's small weddings market with a shot in the arm," said Bill sponsor Assemblyman Lou Greenwald. "By gaining a competitive edge over our neighboring states, we will create jobs and jump-start the small businesses that make up New Jersey's wedding and tourism industry."

"We have beautiful skylines being as close as we are to New York and Philadelphia and we have magnificent beaches," said Greenwald. "There's a tremendous opportunity for us to inject ourselves into this market in a more meaningful way. It has a ripple effect on the economy and the ability for people to use New Jersey and its tourism trade from its restaurants to its entertainment and other adventures."

New Jersey would join Connecticut and Rhode Island as the only states in the Northeast with no waiting period. 27 other states do not require a minimum waiting period for issuing a marriage or civil union license.