The governor was over the top this week.  Even for him.

Christie's negativity, arrogance and vengeful attitude were on full display at a speech he delivered to the Laborers International Union of North America.  Basically calling for political retribution against the lawmakers in both parties who stood in opposition to the gas tax.

This is the same Republican Governor who campaigned against new taxes and made promises of making NJ affordable.  His flip flop on taxes puts him in line with every other lying, corrupt pol who says one thing to get elected and then does the other.  What's worse is he actually credited the Union with their endorsement of his re-election for being the boost he needed to purse the tax.

This is also the same governor who has seen the beds in recovery clinics set aside for the less fortunate decline by more than 40% on his watch.  The Heroin epidemic is reaching record highs and now claims nearly 800 New Jerseyans every year.  All the while he wants to take credit for helping combat the crisis by holding a candle at a vigil and setting up a government hotline.  What good does the hotline do if you don't have a space in the clinic to get the addict the help they need?

The governor was also willing to trade public money in the form of raises for six figure government employees in exchange for a change in the ethics law to allow him to personally profit from a book deal.  It's literally the definition of corruption.

A couple of senators weighed in this morning to express their disgust with the governors words, Mike Doherty & Jen Beck.  Both were ardent opponents of the $.23 tax along with many courageous others including Senator Kip Bateman and Senator Ray Lesniak.

The governor sits at 17% approval as one of the least popular governors in the state history.  There is still an overwhelming majority of people in the state believing he got away with something during the #Bridgegate scandal.  He wants the union bosses to know which legislators voted against the gas tax.  Here's what he left out.  Plenty of those union workers were working before he shut down all the state's non-emergency transportation projects before jetting off to Italy after the original gas tax bill failed.

It's time for the working and middle class residents of New Jersey to rise up and take back our state from the elite special interests.  They refuse to negotiate to reduce costs of construction, benefits and pension deals and they continue to take more and more of our money.  All of this is part of the reason New Jersey is one f the top 'move-out' states in the nation.  It's why we see the state slipping into further debt and budget deficits and become nearly unaffordable for the average working family.

Here's a list of the lawmakers who voted for the gas tax that was the straw the broke the camels back for affordability in New Jersey.  If you're registered to a specific primary, you'll have the opportunity to #RememberInJune.  Either way, we'll be leading the charge to #RememberInNovember.  Throw them out.  We can do better.

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