Ever since CVS decided to halt the sale of tobacco and tobacco products by October 1st, one New Jersey congressman wants all pharmacies to do the same.

Congressman Frank Pallone of Middlesex is calling on all pharmacies to halt the sale of tobacco products. Palone cites the number of deaths each year attributed to tobacco, and the concurrent rising health care costs associated with their use, according to NJ.com.

Congressman Pallone truly is a tireless advocate for wanting to improve the heath of the citizens – not only of his district – but of the nation as a whole.

And I commend him for his passion to such a laudable cause!

However – and this is a big “however”!

Why stop there? Why not ban the sale of cigarettes altogether – and for that matter the cultivation of tobacco?

Why not ban the sale of sugary products from the shelves of not only stores like CVS – but of entire supermarkets? Products which contribute to the ongoing problem of obesity in this country.

The path we’re going down is a dangerous one – that of putting into the hands of our elected leaders – what we should or should not be doing to improve our health.

And also following in the path of former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, which is to tell businesses what and what not to sell because of its detrimental effects on our health.

Do we need elected officials to make decisions pertinent to our health for us - or are we not capable of doing so ourselves?

And while we're at it, why not ban the sale of cigarettes altogether?

I know - it's crazy talk!

Do you agree with Congressman Frank Pallone’s proposal to ban the sale of tobacco products from pharmacies?