Is the Government shutdown affecting you? Are you being forced to go without something because of the shutdown? Did you know that while government workers are missing out on their paychecks, congress is still enjoying all of their perks? 


Win McNamee / Getty Images

That’s right, the Congressional perks have been declared essential during the shutdown. This means that they can spend the time they’re not dong anything pumping iron at their private gym that is still open. They ride on special trolleys, so that they don't have to walk a few extra feet, and in some cases, protect their entire staff from the furloughs faced by other federal workers.

The House gym reserved exclusively for lawmakers remains open during the shutdown. It features a swimming pool, basketball courts, a sauna and steam room. "This job is very stressful and if you don't have a place to vent, you are going to go crazy and that's why I've used it all these years,” said Rep. Don Young (R-Alaska), who has been a user since 1973. While there's no towel service available during these tough times, taxpayers are still paying for maintenance and cleaning.

The House gym for staff members, however, is closed. I guess they don’t need a place to vent. Feel free to vent here…