Transgender comedian Julia Scotti  called in to the show to comment on Trenton Central senior Jae Irizarry, a transgender being named homecoming queen.

When I asked Scotti what Irizarry being named prom queen was a breakthrough. she replied "She's not the first one that this has happened to, it's happened, you know, around the country, but, its, every victory counts.This whole thing It's about the little victories. There's never going to be one gigantic victory. Each time we break down a barrier, it makes it a little easier for the next kid to come along and the next adult to come along, or the next comedian to come along."

Scotti, who performs regularly throughout New Jersey has been named one of the top 5 transgender comedians in the country by "The Advocate." Listen to the interview and what else she had to say about Irzarry becoming homecoming queen in the YouTube clip above.