The game played just hours ago at MetLife Stadium had the atmosphere any “hometown” coach would’ve loved.

The return of a beloved local football coach…his star player, Eric LeGrand, taking part in the coin toss wearing a Buccaneers number 52 jersey.

All the trappings of what should have been a great afternoon of football.

And it sure looked by halftime as though former North Jersey football star, former Rutgers football coach, and current Tampa Bay Buccaneers Coach Greg Schiano was about to get the homecoming he would love to have had.

Love to have had, that is.

Had it not been for Eli Manning’s career day throwing for 510 yards to win the game for the Giants in a thriller, 41-34.

What made for interesting drama, as if the game itself weren’t enough, was what could have been the final play of the game when Buccaneers quarterback Josh Freeman threw a pass in the final seconds of the game for what could have been a game tying touchdown, only to be intercepted by a Giant player.

With 2 seconds left, the Giant offense comes out for the final play to take a knee and call it a day.

Ahhh, but no so fast, because at this point, Coach Schiano’s team is still fired up.

So instead of honoring the “knee” by not rushing the line; the Bucs defense partially rushes the Giant’s and knocks quarterback Eli Manning on his ass.

Some might argue “unsportsmanlike”.

But at the post game press conference, Coach Schiano is quoted as saying words to the effect that the brand of football we play dictates we play out every second on the clock. That didn’t sit well with Coach Tom Coughlin of the Giants as you could see in this video below.

But do you feel Schiano is in the right?

:02 on the clock; and even though the Bucs didn’t have a chance; do you feel he was right in calling for his defense to rush the Giant offense while they were taking a knee?

:02 on the clock! Maybe not plenty of time…but still time to play!

Douchey perhaps but that's football! Just sayin’

And I’m a Giant fan!

Do you feel Coach Schiano was being a sore loser at the end of the Giant game?