The weekend forecast worked out pretty much as expected.

I said a coating up to 1 to, perhaps, 3 inches.  I saw 2.5 inches in Ewing.  That was about the topper, so it was close to 3, but an inch or 2 was the norm.

Along the coast, though, had less than an inch.

It was very cold and windy on Saturday, as well.

Sunday, we had a little bit of light snow or flurries in spots late.  Temperatures were in the 20s, except some mid to upper 30s in far South Jersey.

Today, a cold front is going to be coming in through, another Arctic cold front.  But, first things first, we have a chance to moderate a bit today.

In fact, some temperatures, as we record this early in the morning, are in the upper 30s to near 40 in South Jersey.  So, it may make the lower 40s there before we finally get a little bit of melting.  It's mostly in the 30s elsewhere.

It'll be down, down into the teens and single-digits tonight.

It probably won't be out of the teens to near 20, at best, tomorrow.  And there will be just enough wind on Tuesday to notice.

The weather bound will be stalling along the middle and south Atlantic coast.  There's some suggestion that a bit of light snow and flurries could work their way into southernmost New Jersey later Tuesday night and first-thing Wednesday morning.

But, that's just the chance.  It probably won't happen, as of now.