As Clint Eastwood’s pre Romney warm up continues to explode across the internet, thoughts drift to what a great President he would be if only he were a little younger. Then again Ronald Reagan did all right at his advanced age.

Between Eastwood, Ann Romney, Governor Christie’s keynote. The Republican National Convention speeches pretty much made our day before we ever got to the actual candidate Mitt Romney who had some tough acts to follow. If you didn't see his speech, you can view it below.


While watching Eastwood and thinking those thoughts, one is reminded that the actors are just vessels for their characters. Based on that, if you had to pick a movie or tv character to run the country who would it be?


Could you see Dirty Harry asking the terrorists if he fired 6 missiles or 5? Perhaps Michael Corleone, he did run a pretty tight family and wouldn’t it be cool to have all debts settled at the Inauguration?


You can bet if Corleone were President, EZ Pass would be mandatory since if his brother Sonny had it, he would still be alive today!  Imagine Joe Pesci’s Tommy DeVito as President should Jon Stewart make fun of him on the Daily Show. “What do I amuse you?” With the way things are going in this country we could use a little amusement.

So based on that, if you had to pick a movie character to run the country, who would you choose?