Today in New Jersey’s First News:

The CIA and several of its past leaders are trying to discredit the senate investigation into the CIA's harrowing interrogation practices after 9/11, casting it as a one-sided, error-filled political stunt.  A U.N. Special investigator is demanding that former interrogators and their superiors face "criminal penalties." human rights groups also say key CIA and bush administration officials should be arrested if they travel overseas.

Governor Christie took a pass on commenting about the torture report saying he had only read a little of the report but was expecting to be briefed on it.  The possible presidential candidate has repeatedly refused to comment on national issues ranging from this report to illegal immigration.

In Marlboro middle school parents have launched a petition drive asking education officials to scale back testing and in other communities around the state.  Parents, students and even some teachers are expressing frustration and anger about what they say is an over-reliance on testing that has spiraled out of control.

A mummy washed up on the beach at Barnegat Bay Island during this week’s nor'easter, well, sort of.  It appears to be the mummified remains of a bottle nosed dolphin.  A local resident spotted it while out for a walk.  Someone apparently buried the carcass and the salty dry sand mummified the remains.  But who put it there remains a mystery.

A poll finds New Jerseyans don't want a gas tax hike to feed the cash-strapped transportation trust fund and a trade group doesn't either.

Another woman who claims Bill Cosby sexually assaulted her is suing the legendary comedian.  Tamara green says it was 1969 or 70 when Cosby drugged her and tried to force himself on her in her apartment but she fought back.  Green says he left a pile of hundreds on the table when he left.  The statute of limitation has expired on the attack but green says his repeated denials have defamed her.

Police are hunting for a woman who slashed a man in the face after a fight over a Facebook post.  In Teaneck, police say 25-year old Tarasjah Virgo argued in public with a man who had posted about one of her relatives, then pulled out a knife.  Police says she knows they are after her and so far has eluded them.

We told you about a Jersey college student who stopped to help a woman arguing with a man on the street in Rutherford and got stabbed.  Turns out he may not be a Good Samaritan, just a good liar.  Police say 20-year old Jose Saavedra admitted he made the whole thing up.  There was no couple and he stabbed himself.  He is charged with lying to police.

New Jersey ranks as the eleventh-healthiest state in the U.S. according to an annual list from the United Health Foundation. We dropped one spot, showing a number of strengths and weaknesses.

More doctors in New Jersey are likely to reject Medicaid patients as reimbursement rates are cut in half under Obamacare.  It comes just as more low-income people qualify for Medicaid but now they will have fewer doctors who will agree to see them.

A government report finds nearly 43 million Americans have unpaid medical debts.  The consumer financial protection bureau says: when people fall ill and end up at the hospital with unexpected bills, far too often they have entered into a financial maze. Amid confusing notices from hospitals and insurance companies about the cost of treatment, many find themselves stuck with lower credit scores.

Governor Christie does better against Hillary Clinton than any other Republican in a potential presidential match-up, but Jersey's chief executive still loses. That's the takeaway from the latest Quinnipiac University poll out this morning.

If you haven't put up your Christmas tree yet, it's not too late.  In fact, many New Jerseyans have been flocking to "cut your own" farms across the state in search of the perfect tree.

It's good to be the boss.  Bruce Springsteen comes in at number five on the Forbes richest musician list, taking in 81 million dollars last year.  But Bon Jovi beats him at number four with 82 million.  Dr. Dre, Beyonce, and the Eagles are the top 3.

Crews will be back along the shore this morning, pushing more sand back onto the beaches.  Several shore towns suffered moderate beach erosion from this week's nor'easter.  Beaches that has just been replenished fared better than those that that didn't.

‘Tis the season for company holiday parties across the garden state but it's important to remember this is not the type of function where you can go wild and "let it all hang out."

How much faith do you have in our federal government?  That's what we thought.  A new poll finds few of you believe congress and the president can work together to solve any of our nations problems.  86 percent tell the AP their faith is zero.

We've been telling about the casino closures that are crippling Atlantic City and leaving thousands out of work. One lawmaker says these people desperately need jobs and she's proposing a way to train them for new professions without charging them a dime.


Honda, Nissan and Mitsubishi have announced more recalls for the same possibly defective Takata air bags that Toyota recalled earlier this month after one exploded during scrapping in Japan. Honda is recalling 400,000 vehicles worldwide for the fit, stream, CR-V and other models. Nissan says a recall is coming in North America, but details haven't been decided. Mitsubishi has recalled just 300 lancer cars in japan.

You wouldn't usually consider New Jersey hospitals as an economic powerhouse for the state, but new numbers suggest that's exactly what they are.

WEATHER from chief meteorologist Dan Zarrow:

TODAY... Snow and rain showers, with a brisk wind. Up to an inch of snow accumulation possible. Highs 37-42

TONIGHT... A flurry or light snow shower possible. Mostly cloudy. Lows 24-31

TOMORROW... Some clearing. Highs 38-43

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Pick 3: 9-2-3

Straight pays $237. Box pays $39.50. Pair pays $23.50.

Pick 4: 4-9-6-9

Straight pays $4,245.50. Box pays $353.50.

Cash 5: 10-13-17-19-39

5 of 5 pays $0. 4 of 5 pays $384. 3 of 5 pays $13.

Here are the winning numbers selected Wednesday In the midday New Jersey State Lottery drawing:

Pick 3: 7-0-9

Straight pays $275.50. Box pays $45.50, Pair pays $27.50.

Pick 4: 3-0-1-0

Straight pays $1,870.50. Box pays $155.50.

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