The New Hampshire Republican primary is tonight. This is the political basket that Gov. Chris Christie has been putting all his efforts into. His strategy from the start has been to win New Hampshire. Could this be Chris Christie's last stand regardless of whether he has a plane ticket headed to South Carolina for tomorrow?

Chasing News reporter Alex Zdan joined me today, live from New Hampshire, to discuss Christie's game plan for winning over voters.

Governor Christie went down on bended knee to get the vote of a potential voter, an undecided female voter, who was unsure that his plan for entitlement reform, would hurt her retirement plans. After talking to her for a few minutes and taking the question from a couple of different angles, Christie won her over.

"I could actually see the minute where Christie made the sale, where he sealed the deal," Zdan said.

Even as he was winning over voters, will it be enough to give him a strong finish at the polls in New Hampshire? Zdan used an interesting analogy to put Christie's push in perspective.

"He's converting people to his side in these town halls but the question is, is it too little too late? It's like filling up your swimming pool with a glass of water. You'll get there eventually, but you've got a time limit," Zdan said.

Listen to the entire interview I conducted with Alex Zdan in the clip below.

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