With time running out to give Jersey residents a tax break, Governor Christie has blasted democratic leaders for resisting his proposal for a 10 percent income tax cut, despite less than favorable revenue projections from the Office of Legislative Services.

Speaking at an event in Trenton, Christie said there is nothing that democrats enjoy more than spending money.

"If they can spend a dollar that's good, if they can spend 2 dollars it's better, and if they can spend 5 dollars it's even better than that," said Christie

The Governor said the people of the state deserve a tax cut.

"Democrats in the Legislature, in the 8 years before I became Governor, raised taxes and fees on the people of New Jersey every 25 days for 8 years.  I've been Governor for 855 days and they've been prevented -forcibly - from raising taxes, which has been very tough on them.  These people across the street are going through withdrawal.  They're on the floor sweating, shaking.  They don't know what to do because they need to raise taxes -they have to, because they have to spend more."

He also said, "If taxes do not get cut this year, it is the responsibility of one set of people, and that's the Legislative democrats.  We want to make New Jersey more competitive.  We won't be more competitive by continuing to have some of the highest tax rates in America, it simply won't happen."

Referring to Assembly Majority Leader Lou Greenwald and Senate Budget Committee Chair Paul Sarlo, Christie said, "I've never seen a group of people who are supposed to be serving the public root more against their state than the democrats. They're saying there's no New Jersey comeback; experts tell us we're on track for the 2nd record private sector job growth year in a row…I don't know why they root so hard against New Jersey, but that's what they're doing…Lou Greenwald and Paul Sarlo should be ashamed. How do they justify calling for 900 million dollars more in spending last year, based on numbers, than any logical person would know are fake?...It's partisan politics at its worst…They want to be obstructionists. They want to be pessimists. They want to talk down our state. I'm not going to let them do it."

He added "I'm not going to let them talk down the Comeback the state's in the middle of it.  I'm not going to let them do it for their own naked, partisan purposes.  And so, I'm going to be out there a lot in the next 40 days, they've got me energized now…we're going to get out there over the next 40 days, and I'm going to be out there a lot talking to the real people of this state- getting the heck out of this town- and the craziness that goes on here…They're using the same old tricks and games to desperately hold onto that money, so they can spend it the way that they want to spend it…I'm willing to compromise, but there are certain principals that I won't compromise…I'm not going allow them to spend this state into bankruptcy again.  I am not going to allow them to take more and more of your money when it is not justified by the budget we're passing."

Christie point out Jersey has had "the best private sector job growth in more than a decade..two thirds of a billion dollars in business tax cuts to help spur economic growth - a 2 percent cap on property taxes, the lowest growth in property taxes last year in the last 20 years - a reformed pension and benefits system that saves the taxpayers billions of dollars , balancing 2 budgets with no tax increases and vetoing 2 tax increases…we're not taking the easy way out anymore."

Late yesterday, Assembly Majority Greenwald issued a statement saying " Governor Christie is clearly in panic mode and running scared from the Assembly Democratic plan to provide middle-class families with up to 2 thousand dollars in property tax relief and senior and disabled citizens with up to 25 hundred. He's obsessed with trying to talk his way around his opposition to middle-class property tax relief and his support for tax cuts for millionaires, but our plan is the responsible approach, especially amid the governor's failed economic policies. Governor Christie is going to have to face reality and have a straightforward discussion with hard-working families who have endured his failed policies. It's time for him to put his national ambitions aside and join us in our effort to provide realistic, responsible and meaningful property tax relief to New Jersey's middle-class and seniors."

Courtesy Governor's Office