With time running out to get a tax cut deal in place, Governor Christie has launched a new kind of attack against some Democratic leaders in the Assembly who are opposing his income tax reduction plan - and insisting on a tax hike for millionaires.

He's comparing them to vampires.

Speaking to an over-flow crowd at a town hall meeting in Cedar Grove, the Governor said he's worked with Democratic leaders in both the Senate and Assembly to get things done, but...

"Here's what I'm concerned about.  In the last couple of weeks we've seen an ugly type of Democrat start to rear its head again…I think you had thought you had slayed this type of Democrat in 2009 - that you had taken the wooden stake and put it through this kind of Democrats heart.  But I am here to tell you today that I fear this type of Democrat has returned to the state Legislature.  You know what type of Democrat I'm talking about? A Corzine Democrat."

He said, "A Corzine Democrat is the kind of Democrat who thinks that raising taxes and fees 115 times over the last 8 years is fiscally responsible, but cutting spending on wasteful programs is cruel…They say that we don't have enough money to cut your taxes, but we have enough money for not only every government program they already have, but 125 million dollars in additional spending they want…Here's how they describe being fiscally responsible:  When it's them spending your money they're fiscally responsible- when it's us wanting to give you your money back for you to spend it- that's fiscally irresponsible.  That's what being a Corzine Democrat is all about- bigger government, higher taxes, more spending."

Christie added, "Here we are two and a half years into my term - we thought the Corzine Democrats were dead, but they're back - they're back!"

He also compared Corzine Democrats to a make-believe character.

"You all remember the cartoon character Wimpy, right?" said the Governor, "He said he would be happy to pay you tomorrow for a hamburger today.  That's what the Corzine Democrats want to do. They're saying trust us - we'll give you that tax cut but not now - you have to be good little boys and girls and wait till January - and if we decide you've been good little boys and girls then maybe, maybe, we'll give you that tax cut in January.  You've been waiting 8 years for the property tax relief that Jim McGreevey and Dick Codey and Jon Corzine promised you.  If you all are still waiting by the mailbox go inside, get yourself a cup of coffee and relax - it ain't coming."

When asked to respond to the Governor's latest rant, an Assembly Democratic spokesman issued a brief statement saying, "Democrats are preparing a fiscally responsible budget that puts the focus on property tax relief and New Jersey's middle-class. It's that simple."

Courtesy Governor's Office