Accident investigators returned to Route 130 in South Brunswick to take measurements at the scene of Thursday's 10-vehicle accident involving a bus and 10 smaller vehicles.

South Brunswick Police Captain. Jim Ryan said the Suburban Transit bus that police believe plowed into a line of cars waiting for a traffic light at Route 32 and Friendship Road did not have a "black box" that tracks the speed and functions of the bus. The investigators are piecing together the marks in the road left by all the vehicles to "laser" the scene.

This helps to create a time line of events to line up the information with what police already know to help determine what charges might be filed. No charges have yet been filed against bus driver Jamal L. Penten, 30, of Lakewood.

Police said the bus drove into nine vehicles as they waited at the light, pushing some of them off the road, according to Ryan. The three most seriously injured drivers were a 61-year-old woman from Princeton with a fractured pelvis and ribs, a 35-year-old man from Brick with a fractured back and a 42-year-old man from Dayton who was treated and released for a head laceration. Four other drivers were also hospitalized.