Every Friday and Sunday night in the Trevelise household when I'm home, I take time away with my sons, Lennon, Albert and I have “boys night.” That’s where we all get together on the couch and watch either a movie or TV show.

Usually on Friday night, it’s “Hawaii Five-O.” (my son wants to be one of the main characters on the show, Steve McGarrett) or we're watching "The Goldbergs.

Last night we watched the classic 80's film, "Eddie and The Cruisers.

You cannot watch that movie growing up in New Jersey without flashing back to your youth (or in NJ where we say "yute") of hanging out in places like the fictional “Tony Mart’s," where they filmed the scene of learning “On The Dark Side” on the roof.

My sons knew all the songs from the movie soundtrack when I had taken them to see me John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band at the Surflight Theatre in Beach Haven a few summers ago. They loved the movie so much that when I told them that not only was there a sequel but that I had a copy of it, they want to watch that one as well. In fact, at this moment, they’re probably searching the house for it.

Other than the trip down memory lane of growing up in New Jersey's clubs, what I always took away from watching “Eddie & The Cruisers” was just how great the 80’s movies were. For me, the 80’s was the ultimate party decade as reflected in both the movies and music.

Both the films and songs seemed so much more fun, or was it just because I was so much younger when I was watching them? I must say though, that after watching "Eddie & the Cruisers" again, I thought it held up well after all these years.

What’s your favorite 80’s movie?  Let's hear your choices by commenting below.