We had a very special guest for #BlueFriday this week to discuss a new undertaking between local NJ police and the community.

We were joined in studio by Local PBA President Brian Renshaw who talked about Corrections Caring for Kids. Corrections Caring for Kids is a program that spawned from an idea of asking "who can we help?" The answer to that question became the local youth, "That's out future" as Renshaw noted.

Since there are many schools throughout the area that can't afford books and supplies, with teacher putting money out of their own pockets to help the kids, this is where Caring for Kids comes in. "We're dealing with the Pre-K and kindergarten level. That's where they're really in need. For instance, what we're supplying them with is crayons, educational coloring books, reading books, materials," Renshaw noted.

The program helps fight the false narrative and bad press about police recently and helps build a relationship between the youth and the officers. Spending time with the children and getting to the know them taught the kids that they don't have to be scared of the cops. According to Renshaw, "this program is working because what that allows me to do as we sit there with them, is to take them to the side and let them know that at the end of the day we're here to protect you, to make sure your safe, you and your families and that we're your friends and you don't have to be afraid of us."

We hope as the Corrections Caring for Kids Program progresses, more programs like this will pop up all across the state where police can work with the local communities to build a bond of trust together.

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