There’s one unlikely beneficiary of all the snow we’ve been getting this winter: the car wash industry. According to the Bergen Record, the frequent snow “events” we’ve had this season meant a lot of salt on the road and a lot of salt on the road means more car washes.

The Record quotes several car wash owners for whom the snow was quite a boon, but, interestingly, not everyone in the business agrees. The owner of the Wayne Car Wash told the Record: “It might look busy a day here and there, but overall the car wash business was very bad this year.” This is the time of year when one washed car can really stand out in a parking lot (I’m looking at you, Double Down) because all the other cars have that nasty, not-quite-white residue all over them. I’m of the mind that until there is no more possibility of snow then there’s no use washing my car. Of course, if I were to be honest, I would have to admit I hadn’t washed my car in years, anyway.