A new court case proposes the question of whether or not bullies and their parents can be brought into bullying lawsuits. 

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A former student of Hunterdon Central High School is suing the Flemington-Raritan Regional District after being bullied from elementary school until he finished high school. The plaintiff is claiming that the schools did not do anything to stop the repeated acts bullying that he was experiencing.

The lawyer for the school board proposed that the bullies and their families should be added as defendants of the case.

This case is just an example of the efforts being made to stop bullying, but, is there really any way to stop this? Or, is bullying just another part of life that will continue to happen?

A listener of the Dennis and Judi Show called in to discuss Work Together NJ.  This organization is fighting to end bullying, and also offers support to anyone who has experienced problems with bullies.

Dennis and Judi brought up that times are a lot different than they used to be. There are more bullying cases, and these cases are handled much differently than they would have been years ago. The concern for political correctness over the years has been increasing.

What decade do you think things started to change?