If you ever thought you had the renters from hell, you may feel better after you hear one NJ1015 listener's horror story.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Carol Ann has called not only into Jim's show but also during Ask the Governor, to plead for help in getting rid of renters that have turned into squatters in her home.

Carol Ann has tried everything to have this family evicted and seems to have found herself in cycle of judicial red tape. In her latest attempt to evict the family, Carol Ann believes the squatters will file another stay with the Toms River courts which will buy them another month in the house. After that time, Carol Ann will unfortunately have to start the process all over again.

Carol Ann's only hope, is that she speaks with the judge who would grant the stay and explain the situation in hopes that the judge would deny it.

You can listen to Carol Ann's struggles to remove the people living in her home and the hoops that she's had to jump through, currently to no avail, in the audio player below. As far as we know, the "renters" are still in the home.

Watch Carol Ann's first conversation with Gov. Christie on Ask the Governor.