I am so sick of hearing what a “Bully” Governor Christie is because he speaks his mind on the issues. Bully is the new “buzzword” and more and more people are using it to slam whoever they want . Now, with the internet and social media, these same people don’t even put their name to the slams.

I’m not debating whether the governor is right or wrong in what he says but I do enjoy his right to say what he wants. I’m sick of living in a world where we have to watch what we say or preface everything with fake compliments before we knock the person down. This is Jersey , just say what you’ve got to say and get it over with.

If you really have a problem with what governor Christie or anyone else says, don’t cry “bully,” just confront them on the issues they’re talking about.  If you’re right, it will come out. If you are going to badmouth the governor or anyone else, at least put your name to it. That’s also the Jersey way!