The Breaking Bad finale has drawn all kinds of mixed reaction as you would expect.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Watching Walter White morph from this sympathetic character when the show first started to pure evil or as creator Vince Gilligan says his goal with Walter White is to turn him from Mr. Chips into Scarface as the show winds down, gives you a metaphor of what drugs can actually do to you.

But this is not about meth. This is about another addiction, the addiction that we have to television shows. These characters who are all fiction, tend to play a real part in our lives. They shape the way some people think. We get so invested in these people that when they leave, we feel a huge loss. It’s like knowing the finale is coming gives you the chance to wind down with the series as well. Have you ever cried watching a TV finale? Or when a character dies?

What did you think of the Breaking Bad finale?  What was the one show that you hated to see end because you became so invested in the characters? Discuss in the comment section below.