It wasn’t long ago I wrote about a brutal attack carried out by 3 young thugs on a school bus shown on the bus’s video camera beating on another kid, and the driver doing practically nothing.

It happened again, only this time closer to home; where some teenagers from an alternative school threw a series of blows to another boy; and posted the video on Facebook – all the while as the driver did nothing to stop the attack.

The driver, shown in the video, did nothing but keep on driving throughout the incident, and now charges may be filed not only against the alleged attackers, but the bus driver as well.

Do you feel he should be charged with a crime?

The bus driver, who never stopped after the attack or reported the incident to school officials, could also be charged, police said.

The victim, Dylan Fonner, was sitting with a friend on the bus as three 16-year-olds, two boys and one girl — the only other passengers — started to tease the pair after they left the Delaware County Alternative High School on Oct. 9, WPVI TV reported.

One of the teens began recording the bullying with a cellphone before another student suddenly walked into the frame and punched Fonner in the face.

The footage shows blood pouring from a wound on Fonner’s lip before the teen stood up from his seat and asked the driver to stop — but the driver refused.

His mother, Jackee Fonner, said she learned about the attack after the shocking clip was posted to the social media site.

“When I saw the video, I was upset and furious at the same time,” the fuming mother told NBC 10 News.

The mother said that she and the parents of her son’s friend — who was also allegedly attacked during the spat — are demanding criminal charges against the teens involved and the 34-year-old driver.

“I’m in complete shock,” Jackee Fonner said. “I mean, a grown adult! He was the only adult in the situation and he didn’t even pull over!”
She said her son, who was treated at a local hospital for a busted lip and chipped teeth from the punch, has not been in school since the attack.

Chester City Police Commissioner Joseph Bail Jr. told WPVI-TV that the driver should have reported the attack — but cops didn’t learn about the punch until they were alerted to the online video.

“I have a problem with a grown adult not reporting it,” Bail said. “He has a responsibility to inform his supervisors and the police of a criminal act.”

Now, had he laid a hand on any of the alleged assailants, that could have brought about a lawsuit on the part of the parents against the driver and the bus company – strange as it may sound.

But inasmuch as he would be liable should there be any type of physical intervention on his part – don’t you feel he should have interceded on the boy’s behalf and stopped the beating from escalating?

Sometimes I think some school bus drivers would be wise to take a bat along with them just in case things like this pop up. But then again, I'd never last in a job like that! Out of work and in jail!