One of the worst jobs to have has to be that of school bus driver, particularly when the kids get to a certain age. I’m thinking the ages when kids are going to middle school and high school.

One driver in particular had to deal with a number of students beating down another while all he could do, besides call out to his dispatcher to dial 911, was to stand to the side while the kid in question was getting his head handed to him.

Should he have tried to break them up; or did he do the right thing by standing on the side.

A school bus driver in Florida is catching heat for not physically intervening when three teen boys pummeled their helpless 13-year-old classmate.

"Get somebody out here quick, quick, quick!" driver John Moody, 64, said as he radioed for help during the assault. "They're about to beat this boy to death! There's nothing I can do... please send somebody!"

The victim, trapped on the ground between bus seats, cried out for help as the bigger 15-year-olds rained blows upon his head incessantly. Many feel the only adult on the Pinellas County school bus should have answered the call.

"It is the police department's position that he (Moody) should have intervened, which is why it was forwarded to the state attorney's office," Gulfport Police Sgt. Thomas Woodman told the Daily News.

The state attorney's office chose not to file child neglect charges against Moody, but recently released surveillance video of the July 9 assault has many questioning that decision.

School district Officer Melanie Marquez Parra shared the driver's handbook with the Daily News. It specifies that when a fight breaks out, drivers need to alert dispatch so that they can call 911 if it’s necessary, which Moody did.

"The reason they do this is because they can do it right away, and they can do it while driving," Parra explained. "Every situation is going to be different, so a driver needs to determine what is a reasonable measure for them to take, keeping the safety of all students on the bus as a priority."

The fight broke out because the victim allegedly told a teacher that the suspects tried to sell him marijuana, Woodman said.

All three were arrested and charged with aggravated battery and one had an additional charge of robbery, police said.

Moody chose to retire after the incident, Parra said.

I’d have chosen to retire myself rather than have to deal with a bunch of unruly punks.
Check out the video and decide for yourself as to whether or not the driver should have gotten involved.

How do you not?