This year I pledged to do something not only for the show but something that the audience can relate to and get behind. So every Friday is known as #BlueFriday. #BlueFriday is where we celebrate a NJ police officer who has gone above and beyond the call of duty to help others.

This week's #BlueFriday honoree is a Southern State prison corrections officer who heroically jumped in to help her partner and was viciously beaten by an inmate. This week we are honoring Andrea Berry, who tried to help her struggling partner with an inmate when she was attacked and punched multiple times until knocked unconscious.

Berry joined me live on the air to talk about being a #BlueFriday honoree and the incident. Berry said that backing up your partner is just what you do when trouble arises.

"That day it was my partner and I. It was us versus 160 inmates," Berry said.

Even though Berry is still recovering and says that she still has blurred vision as the result of a concussion, she's thankful for her partner.

"Things could've probably gone a lot worse than what happened. I just got the short end of the stick that day," Berry stated.

Listen to the full interview with Andre Berry below.

We should not forget the job that corrections officers deal with on a daily basis. There are multiple sides to law enforcement and sometimes corrections officers get left out of the conversation because they do't do the arresting. In an example like Andrea's, she has a family to take care of and if you're out of work because you were injured at the hands of an inmate, that's a rough job. How Andrea Berry put her life on the line to protect her partner goes well above and beyond the call of duty.

Help us honor and thank this week's #BlueFriday honoree, Andrea Berry.

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