I don’t know if there’s anything more “Jersey” than beating a toll. A report says the Port Authority is owed $114 million in unpaid tolls over the past four years. I have never gotten on a toll road or crossing with the express intent of not paying a toll, but I have certainly gone through my share of toll plazas without paying. The funny thing is, I’ve never been caught.

A couple of months ago, I accidentally got into the EZ Pass lanes at the Raritan Toll Plaza on the Parkway (I don’t have EZ Pass) and went through without paying. I was certain that I would get a nasty letter from the Turnpike Authority demanding their $1.50, but I haven’t heard anything. I know the Port Authority routinely catches truckers who use fishing line to pull up their license plates so the camera can’t catch them, but the Turnpike Authority doesn’t seem as aggressive, which is good for me.

Have you ever beaten a toll? Share your story in the comment section below.

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