Today is the "National Day Without Immigrants" and on this day we're supposed to feel the crunch of what it would be like if we had to live without those people who migrated to our country.

If they proclaimed it "National Day Without Descendants of Immigrants" hardly anyone would be working. But there's a difference between those who came to this country, worked hard and became American citizens and those who decided to sneak in here and refused to gain citizenship for whatever reason. I wonder how the former feel about being lumped in with the latter.

I don't think it's fair for those who did it right to be used to advance the cause of protecting illegals. There is a big difference. The solution to the illegal immigrant is simple. Become citizens of the United States of America. For those that say that's hard, I say what about the millions of people that have already done it, possibly including your grandparents?

If those who are organizing these protests and demonstrations would focus on getting those who need it citizenship, we would all be better off. But then again, why focus on solutions when it's so much easier and more lucrative to protest? I look forward to brand-advancing celebrities joining in.

In the meantime, we must differentiate between the two and not lump them together. I have too much respect for those who worked so hard to realize their dream of becoming Americans to have it any other way.

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