Things are changing in the medical community when doctors start talking about preventing cancer through lifestyle rather than pharmaceuticals.

Last week we discussed how the color pink and other trendy breast cancer awareness campaigns are distracting from real solutions, and this week Dr. Murray Sabrin of Ramapo College called in to discuss the "big business" behind breast cancer.

"You politicize the whole process and then you get this medical-industrial-pharma complex," Sabrin said, speaking to the growing reliance on pharmaceuticals to treat and ward off illnesses.

"The point is, you've got to educate yourself," he said. According to Sabrin, people can use the internet to educate themselves better than they could 30 or 40 years ago, and take on preventative measures that put the body "in harmony with itself," often helping them avoid cancer without any drugs.

Ultimately, Sabrin and I concluded that challenging conventional treatment is important to discovering the best treatment for cancer patients.

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