The New Jersey 101.5 studio was a full house Wednesday night for the live debate between State Senator Joe Kyrillos and incumbent U.S. Senator Bob Menendez.

Bus For Progress outside our studios before the Menendez-Kyrillos debate (Dan Specht, Townsquare Media NJ)

The hustle and bustle began well before the debate aired, as the media prepared for the event. Reporters from several news media organizations, including The Star Ledger and AP, were there to cover the story.

Around 6 p.m., about an hour before the debate began, a large bus pulled up in front of the studio. This "Bus for Progress" hosted a group of rallying Menendez supporters. They gathered outside the studio - lawn chairs and all.

Throughout the debate, the studio was taking calls from the public, as well as participating in a live online chat. Photos were posted to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter as well.

Video of the debate, which was hosted by News Director Eric Scott, was streamed live online for viewers at home.

Members of Kyrillos' campaign team even handed out instant "response" releases to the different topics being discussed on air.