Last night, during the Townsquare Media U.S. Senate Candidate Forum, both Democratic incumbent Senator Bob Menendez and GOP challenger Joe Kyrillos argued that they were the better choice to fight for the middle class in Washington.

From Left - Senator Bob Menendez, Eric Scott, and State Senator Joe Kyrillos (Dino Flammia, Townsquare Media)

During his opening remarks, Menendez said his life experiences "have taught me who I stand up for, and who I stand up to...My family worked very hard to get us into the middle class, that's why I fight for good jobs in New Jersey."

Kyrillos said he's running for the U.S. Senate because "I care deeply about the country...the middle class is struggling right now...They've been buried - buried under unemployment, buried under debt, buried under high energy prices...We've got to get the economy moving again in a way that lifts everybody up."

When Menendez was asked who was in the middle class, he said, "I define the middle class as those families who are working hard to have a home for their family...It's people who are working very hard, and the system in many respects is rigged against them."

Then Kyrillos said, "I think probably most New Jerseyans- most think of themselves as being in the middle class...people who are struggling...It's people making 60 something thousand a year, and people lower than that, and people that, of course, make strong incomes- couples earning strong salaries- it's nearly everyone."

The only thing the candidates seemed to agree on was the excellent job our men and women in the armed forces are doing, and the need to bring our troops home from Afghanistan.


Courtesy Verizon Fios1 New Jersey