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1) Your biggest beef with the power companies….in hearings before the Senate Budget Committee today, the biggest complaint Senators had was communications with customers…add to that the fact that JCP&L wants 1.2% rate hike to cover Irene. Looking back, what was your biggest beef with the power companies?

2) How much do you enjoy braindead TV and what’s your favorite braindead TV show! There’s a new braindead offering on Thursday night with Buckwild! And do you feel Braindead TV is bringing about the downfall of Western Civilization?

3) What’s wrong with Revel…..they’re $1.3B in debt, and are facing potential bankruptcy or foreclosure. And do you feel the Revel project should ever have been finished in the first place?

4) Do you believe Cory Booker’s Food Stamp Challenge is misguided?

5) A Jersey Transit Bus Driver with 50 passengers aboard his bus crashes into a guardrail…after having fallen asleep at the wheel. Should he be fired? And if you drive doubles or for long hours, how do you stay awake behind the wheel?

6) The atheists won!!! The Church I was telling you about that was hosting “A Charlie Brown Christmas” canceled the show over Atheist Outrage.

7) At what age do you feel we should start retesting drivers….or should we retest every time your license expires? One Elderly Driver Driving a Car Crashes into East Windsor Restaurant….don’t you think it’s time already to retest the elderly.

8) Legislators want shore towns that accept federal beach-replenishment money to do away with beach tags…Do you feel that shore towns that accept federal money for beach replenishment not charge to use the beach?

9) A sorority at Penn State decides to hold a Mexican themed costume party, complete with signs that say "Will mow the lawn for food...and grass!", or stuff to that effect. Offensive much? What say you?

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