LINDEN — A father is looking for video of whoever he said beat up his son after a basketball game on Tuesday night.

Kirk Bibby, who was not at the game, posted pictures to a closed Facebook group of his son Shakim Bibby with a black eye, and said a fight broke out after the Linden High School boys basketball team played Plainfield, as the teams lined up for the traditional end-of-game handshake. Linden won the game, 62-49.

Shakim Bibby told his father that the teams traded heated words during the third quarter, which grew into verbal threats during the hand-shaking. Kirk Bibby was told that one of the other Linden players got into it while lining up with a Plainfield player, who threatened to "mess him up" after the game.

Shakim Bibby (Bibby Family via RLS Metro Breaking News)

"I'm assuming once they were giving handshakes, when they approached each other, that's when the brawl took place, and you had adults coming from the stands, kids fighting kids. Everybody emptied out of the stands," Kirk Bibby told New Jersey 101.5.

His son wound up with a concussion and a fractured bone in his face along with six stitches, according to Bibby.

Kirk Bibby said his son was the only one seriously hurt in the incident.

"My son was sucker punched and pushed to the ground" and was stomped and kicked, Bibby said. "His coach had to pick him up off the ground so he didn't get stomped."

Video that Kirk Bibby said was sent anonymously to him and shared with New Jersey 101.5 shows a fight on the court. However, most of the video he has received does not clearly show his son. Kirk Bibby said that police will not show him surveillance video of the incident, and his lawyer is going to subpoena the department for a copy.

Shakim Bibby was taken to Rahway Hospital for treatment and has not been able to open his eyes since.

"I don't know what's going to happen to my son long-term. He can't see. He has a little son. He can't even see his son," Kirk Bibby said.

Shakim Bibby is a senior, but this is his first year playing for the Tigers, as the family moved from Jersey City once the season started.

Linden Public School spokesman Gary Miller wrote in an email that "administrations for both high schools are investigating the matter and reviewing school security footage in an attempt to get more information."

Messages for Plainfield public schools have note yet been returned.

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