Think the great Garden State is the only state that is up in arms over the technical abominations otherwise known as the  red light cameras? Guess again! Studies conducted in North Carolina, Florida, Virginia and Washington D.C. have all shown the flaws with the cameras.

This may come as a surprise to probably no one but researchers even discovered in few instances that the findings were tainted by the "financial conflicts of interest." What a shocker!

Final conflicts aside, the majority of the findings showed no correlation between red light cameras and making intersections safer.

We've compiled the reports together here, just click on each link to read more about each:


As an added bonus, here is a recent article regarding Pohatcong's red light camera that  township officials have agreed falls between two towns. While the two towns fight over the revenue, drivers that have been ticketed will still have to pay the fines. You didn't think they would let people off the hook, did you?

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