Last night, when I got home, I walked inside and turned on the lights. Everything seemed as normal as always until I looked over at my couch and saw the way one of my dogs was sitting. Check out the picture I took.

As funny as I found this when I first saw her laying like that, I wasn't mad. I allow my dogs to lay on the furniture. They're routinely checked for ticks and fleas and they're not out all day killing rodents so I have no problem with them lounging around in the same places I do.

I began to think about other friends and family who have pets. After a few minutes, I realized that a lot of these people don't let their dogs or cats on the furniture. Whether it be because of cleanliness, obedience or a combination of both, they prefer to keep their pets off the couch, chair and bed.

I never found a reason to establish that rule with any dog I've ever owned. I think it makes the relationship between dog and owner stronger. I could be naive, but I'm confident I'll keep it the way it is.

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