When I was growing up in Union City, we always took two weeks every summer to rent a house in Ortley Beach.

The beach in Asbury Park by Convention Hall (Gino D., Townsquare Media NJ)

I even remember the address, which was 20 5th Avenue. We got the same house every year. It was a 2 family home, and we always took the bottom floor. I had no idea then that I was growing up a “Benny”. If I had been from South Jersey I’d be a “Shoobie.”

What’s the difference between a Benny and a Shoobie? Well as Jeff Edlestein writes:

“To the best of anyone’s knowledge, Benny = Bayonne, Elizabeth, Newark, New York. Basically, people from the north who day-trip to the top half of the Jersey Shore. Shoobie = people from Philadelphia who would pack their lunch — in a shoebox? — for their day at the southern half of the shore and/or would wear their shoes to the sand.”

When I was working on our sister station 105.7 The HAWK about 10 years ago, we used to run anti-Benny promos. Some people who live at the shore, hate these people who come from “da city” and think they own the place just because they’re on vacation. I used to see it in Sea Isle City when I owned Coffee Dot Comedy.

If you live at the shore, or visited there this past weekend, you probably got to see Bennys and Shoobies up close. What’s your opinion of them now? Keep in mind that without them, there is no Jersey shore, nor any one to pay those ridiculous parking tickets in Point Pleasant.