What does Apple's CEO, Tim Cook have up his sleeve for tomorrow?


The Apple Watch
Getty Images / Justin Sullivan

All the questions and rumors about Apple's new product will be answered in about 24 hours from now.

The wearable device is officially called the Apple Watch, not iWatch.

There's been almost as much hoopla about the watch as A-Rod's spring training escapades.

I myself own an iPhone.  It's a 5C that I purchased a year and a half ago.  Will I buy an iPhone 6?  Sure, when the price drops.  Do I plan to acquire the Apple Watch?  Maybe sometime in the future, but not now.

Obviously I'm not a techie, nor am I committed to Apple products

So, here's the latest information that I've garnered from several tech publications as a preview to the big announcement.

Without exception, news reports and tech publications say the Apple Watch will hit the stores in April.  What day in April?  Maybe Mr. Cook will reveal the exact date tomorrow.

The watch will be available in three versions.

First, there's the Apple Watch Sport made from lightweight anodized aluminum.  The sport version will sell for about 350 dollars.  Next is the Apple Watch Collection constructed of highly polished stainless steel.  It is also available in black stainless steel. Price tags for this version run from 500 to 700 dollars.

And if you enjoy a little bit of "bling," there is the Edition Collection.  These babies are 18-karat gold.  Apple says they're twice as hard as standard gold. The Apple site says "The display is protected by a polished sapphire crystal.  There's also an exquisitely designed band which provides a striking complement.  This top of the line gadget will be priced from 3000 to 4000 dollars.

What's the battery life?  Cook says the smart watch can be worn "all day" and "is simple to charge at night."  Perhaps we'll get more specifics on this question tomorrow.

What can the Apple Watch do?

First, as some if not most of you already know, you must have an iPhone on your person in order for the watch to be operable.

Once the phone and watch are synched, the watch will display texts, Facebook updates, news updates, a bunch of health and fitness apps, and yes, Siri will be there too.

Learning from past history it wouldn't be unusual for Apple to pull a few surprises out of their hat.  We'll see if there will be any gasps coming from the audience during the unveiling.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple has manufactured five million Apple Watches.  Will that number meet demand, or will there be a six month order backlog?

Will the Apple Watch flourish or flop? WE should start to get an idea after tomorrow's announcement.