How could we imagine getting through a week without yet another Republican Presidential Debate?

Tonight marked the 20th and hopefully final debate before a nominee is chosen for the GOP to square off against President Barack Obama. The process has been arduous, to say the very least.

Governor Christie spoke out about the topics of the GOP process and his nomination of Mitt Romney.

While acknowledging that he's still being courted privately to jump into the 2012 presidential race, Gov. Chris Christie says he's only interested in having Mitt Romney secure the Republican nomination.

Christie also blamed the system of awarding delegate proportionally with dragging out the nominating process for Republicans. He said the protracted inter-party battle is hurting Republicans' chances of unseating Barack Obama in November.

"We ought to get a nominee" and focus on the president's record, Christie said.

I could not agree more with our Governor. I totally get that a vetting process is needed to sift through the candidates, but the process has gone overboard and completely turned people off.

Mitt Romney has remained strong throughout the campaigning, but one thing that remains clear is that the masses are not sold on the former Massachusetts Governor. Seemingly every month, a candidate has cut into Romney's stronghold before falling back down. That trend has winded through Rick Perry, Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, and now Rick Santorum.

Primed for a fight, Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum traded fiery accusations about health care, spending earmarks and federal bailouts tonight.

With pivotal primaries in Arizona and Michigan just six days distant -- and 10 more contests one week later -- Romney and Santorum sparred more aggressively than in past debates, sometimes talking over each other's answers.

It is time for the Republican party to move forward and present a candidate, putting their focus on the President. Obama has had the luxury of sitting back while these candidates have bloodied each other up. It's almost like a golfer sitting in the clubhouse with a 10 stroke lead with the other remaining on the course. The GOP has vilified Obama at every turn, but have made critical mistakes in showing now unity as a party and having a process that is this dramatic.

And even as we near the finish line, there still appears to be those in the Republican camp clinging to the dream of a late Chris Christie run.

The governor said he would not be the GOP nominee if Republicans arrive at the convention in Tampa without a clear front-runner.

Will the GOP candidate please stand-up? Just please no more debates to decide it.