The real truth is, our airports aren't really that dangerous.

Getty Images / John Moore

I recently read an article about airport safety that tickled my interest.  The story had nothing to do with security or with the T.S.A.  We're talking about incursions.

What's an incursion?

It's a Federal Aviation Administration term for a "near miss."

Most often, passengers are not aware when an incursion happens.

Here's an example.  If an airplane is taxiing and the pilot edges the nose of the plane over a stop line, it's an incursion.  It doesn't nessararly mean that a couple of planes were going to collide.

The F.A.A. assigns airport safety rankings based on the number of incursions compared to the number of flights at a particular airport.

So, here is the F.A.A.'s list of airports with the highest percentage of incursions:

John Wayne - Orange County, CA

St. Louis

Eugene, OR


Chicago Midway

Long Beach, CA



While we're at it, here are some of the airports with the lowest percentage of incursions.



Portland, OR


Washington Dulles

The majority of us in the NJ 101.5 listening area use either Philadelphia International or Newark Liberty International to fly in and out of.

Both airports are in the middle of the pack compared to the national average.

We've heard the cliche' a thousand times, but it's so true.  The most dangerous part of flying is the drive to the airport.