Just because our buddy Jax is in the Top 16 on American Idol, that doesn't mean she can't find the time to check in with her favorite radio show back in her home state of New Jersey.

Jax called in recently to give us an update on her progress on American Idol and let us know how life in Hollywood is going for her. Jax actually called from a studio where they're rehearsing for the next show.

Dennis asked Jax what life is like for her out in Hollywood and if every day has been crazy and exciting. Surprisingly, Jax said that "you're either super low or super high," with everything that happens is set to the minute.  Jax said that when you are busy, the contestants' time is very set schedule. During downtime Jax says you can over-think, so the need to keep focused is important.

As far as criticism, Jax wasn't phased by some critical comments made from her latest performance.  "I Love it. I was hoping to get some sort criticism at some point. There are 3 legends sitting in front of you, like 10 feet from your face. To get any advice from them is like brain food."

Judi of course, wanted to hear the behind-the-scenes dirt and asked Jax if she was still getting along with the contestants, to which Jax replied "Yes."

If Dennis and Judi were afraid of their favorite Jersey girl was turning into a diva out in Hollywood, Jax put those fears to bed. "I'm not really good at being a diva. I tried to do it once and it just came off as being sweet. Everyone was kind of just like awwwwww."

Not being a diva is just part of what makes Jax so awesome and easy to root for. Dennis and Judi cannot wait to see what their favorite contestant has in store for everyone in her next performance!